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Andisheh Pouya Fatemi

Director | Fatemi Cultural Institute | Apr 2019 – May 2021

Andisheh Pouya (Fatemi) is an educational institution under the holding of Fatemi Cultural Institution which focuses on innovative educational products. These products are applied in 5,000 schools and used by 300,000 students across the country, mainly in private schools.

I’m here to communicate with the scientific and administrative departments, evaluate the financial and marketing aspects of new products, and make sure that these products and events are performed perfectly in schools.

I am also responsible for holding two international events in Iran:
1- Kangaroo International Mathematics Festival
2- Bebras International CS Challenge

Andisheh Pouya Institute is the official representative of these two events in Iran, which are held every year in many schools. In the following, I will mention two experiences of holding these two events.

The story of an experience: Holding the Kangaroo mathematics festival online in Iran

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Those days with the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down many schools, we had a very difficult dilemma; two choices, with each having serious reasons of their own. The first one was to cancel the event and all the registrations, and the other one was to prepare the right infrastructure to hold the event in any way possible. We received many calls from the schools, parents, and the students who were interested in participating in the event, Also the prolonged absence of schools and quarantine had the students bored at home.

We made a difficult decision. In a short window of time, we had to prepare a technical infrastructure capable of hosting tens of thousands of students participating in the event simultaneously. Also, the Kangaroo festival is known as the “Happy Math Day” in Iran, and on this day, we offered various programs to schools so that the students can spend a day grappling with mathematics, learning new skills, and enjoy entertainments involving mathematics… | Follow the whole story at Medium.

The final workshop of the 16th Bebras Challenge in Iran

Bebras is an international initiative aiming to promote Informatics (Computer Science, or Computing) and computational thinking among school students of all ages. Participants are usually supervised by teachers who may integrate the Bebras challenge in their teaching activities. The challenge is performed at schools using computers or mobile devices.

Bebras Challenge in Iran is held in three phases. The last stage of this challenge is computer science-focused workshops that introduce students to the basic concepts in this field and provide information about the important future of computer science and computational thinking to students.

You can watch the report we prepared from this phase below:

I am currently working on Andisheh Pouya as Director and concentrating on designing new products based on the schools’ current situation:

  • Home-schooling apps
  • LMS for schools
  • contest and exam platforms for educators
  • CRMs / SRMs

To help schools and students stay connected with each other and pursue their educational activities in times of lockdown.