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“Social Science College”

2020 | Allameh Tabataba’i University

As a historical belief, a university degree has always been tied to “employment”. With the urgent need for a specialized workforce at the age of modernization, this belief was not mistaken, and basically, universities were designed to respond to such a requirement.

Universities in Iran were never able to redesign and update themselves based on today’s society’s needs. This inefficiency is confirmed by the lower chance of university graduates gaining job positions than those who have entered the labor market directly. There are many reasons for the university project’s failure in Iran, including the fact that the university has never had a relationship with the people and the market and has always been defined in close connection with the state.

This college is a collective effort of professors and students concerned with “social science students” with the aim that graduates of these programs could be engaged in the labor market related to their fields or, if they intend to continue their academic path, Be able to meet the minimum standards required for graduate studies both in Iranian universities and in universities outside Iran.

At the first step, SSC (Social Science College) targets students who are not particularly interested in studying social sciences. The college is designed into a self-organized ecosystem to support itself the least dependence on injecting money from outside this ecosystem the need for future government funding.