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SRC Startup Accelerator

Public Relations Manager | Syntech Technology and Innovation Center | Nov 2017 – Mar 2019

I’m helping the SRC Startup Accelerator, as a PR officer, with the purpose of assisting them to become better known among students and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and ultimately, absorb better teams.

The story of my collaboration with the SRC Accelerator is funny and exciting; I know SRC Accelerator from where I was looking for an accelerator for my startup.

After two years, when Codelearnr (my startup) failed, I received an offer from SRC Accelerator to work as an event manager at the accelerator. As Event Manager, I was responsible for running specific events and workshops required for startups and holding them properly on a regular basis. Besides, I was helping to run Demo / Pitch events, Selection Days, and other related events in the accelerator. After a year of working as an event manager, I was promoted to Public Relations Manager.

Below you can watch a report of SRC Accelerator: